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About us

Fleximart is a leading supermarket retailer whose business covers three major categories, comprising groceries, basic clothing and textiles and houseware products.

Fleximart supermarket trades under 2 branches in Harare and 2 branches in Masvingo. The diversified distribution channel allows the Group to target all segments of the market. In this regard, the Group has specifically profiled its stores in terms of design, product range, services and other offerings in a way that effectively caters for the specific requirements in the low, middle and high income consumer categories.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leading retail supermarket chain in the markets that we serve.

Our Mission

We are a leading provider of affordable high range groceries to our clients. In order to delight clients, we keep abreast with technology in our sector. Fleximart supermarket as a whole respects and focuses on adding value to clients, shareholders, employees and all stakeholders though ensuring that we exceed their needs and expectations.